Stocken Bridge courses

Advanced Defence

Defence is the hardest part of the game – requiring partnership co–operation – but the most satisfying when you get it right. Advanced Defence covers all aspects of defence from the opening lead, 2nd player, 3rd and 4th player including signalling and discarding as well as general strategy. The set deals have been specially designed to illustrate defensive techniques with the bidding consolidating all aspects of the Advanced (bidding) Course, i.e. Stayman, Double, LTC, UCB, Bid The Fit and Strong Two openings.

Week 1. Leading Low:Like, High:Hate
Week 2. Leading Extended Sequences
Week 3. 2nd Plays Low, 3rd Plays High
Week 4. Encouraging Partner’s Lead
Week 5. First Discard vs NoTrumps
Week 6. First Discard vs Trumps
Week 7. Examine the Evidence: Dummy
Week 8. Defence Summary