Stocken Bridge courses

Advanced Play

This course bridges the gap between Further Card–Play and Accomplished Card–Play. Counting one’s losers and spotting reasons not to draw trumps form the backbone of this course whilst introducing new techniques such as Ruffing Finesses, the Cross–Ruff plus defensive tips.

Week 1. Losers: Dump ’em or Trump ’em
Week 2. Establishing a Long Side–suit
Week 3. The Ruffing Finesse
Week 4. The Cross–Ruff
Week 5. Ducking the Opening Lead in NTs
Week 6. The Doubleton
Week 7. Double Deep Finesse
Week 8. Coping with Bad Splits
Week 9. The 2–Way Finesse
Week 10. Ducking & The Danger Hand
Week 11. The Marked Finesse
Week 12. Unblocking & Overtaking
Week 13. The Rule of 11
Week 14. Trump Promotion