Stocken Bridge courses

Courses: Overview

Stocken Bridge Courses are the product of many years playing, studying and teaching Bridge. We teach the UKs main bidding system – The Weak No Trump with Modern Acol – sometimes also called Standard English, but with Stocken Bridge variations that we believe make learning faster and understanding easier.

The eight core courses are divided into Bidding (Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate Extra and Advanced) and Card-Play (Basic, Further, Advanced & Accomplished), which are best taken alternately. The Modern Bridge course is an Intermediate / Advanced hybrid, fast-tracking the two courses in one. These seven courses are designed as 8–week courses, with a different topic each week illustrated by six set deals per topic (except Beginner 1 & 2 – no set deals). The Conventions series, covers an individual topic with twelve set deals.

Each 8–week course is covered by 4 booklets (one booklet covering two topics) and each convention has its own booklet. Each booklet contains colourful diagrams explaining the topic as well as an analysis of the set deals.