Stocken Bridge Tools - Compass Cards

How to use Compass Cards

Before using CCs, designate one player – any player – as the ‘Sorter’. The Sorter is automatically the South player. The Sorter will ‘sort’ the cards for every deal.

Starting with deal 1, look at box 1 on the back of the first card and deal out this card according to the arrow (n.b. ignore the letter at this stage). So, if the arrow points to the East, deal the card to the player on your right; If the arrow points upwards, deal to your partner, North; If the arrow points downwards, deal the card to yourself and if the arrow points leftwards, deal it to the West player.

Repeat this process – looking in the same box on the back of each card – until all 52 cards have been sorted. All players should then count their cards and can check that they have the correct 13 cards by looking at the direction of the arrows for the particular deal: So for instance on deal 1, all of East’s cards should have East–pointing arrows in box 1.

When the cards have been sorted, the bidding can commence with the pre–determined ‘dealer’. Look at the back of any card – the dealer for each deal is represented by the letter (NESW) in the numbered box. So, on deal 1, North will begin the bidding.

Bidding and Play continue as usual though it can be a good idea for each player to retain their own cards (duplicate–style) so that you can look back at the deal at the end of play. Once deal 1 is finished, the Sorter gathers the cards – there is no need to shuffle – and sorts out Deal 2 by looking at box 2 on the back of each card.