Stocken Bridge Tools - Compass Cards

What are Compass Cards

A pack of Compass Cards (CCs) – specially designed for teaching and learning Bridge – is a standard pack of playing cards with a series of arrows on the back of each card. Each pack contains up to 20 preset deals that illustrate a specific topic or theme. CCs replace the traditional ‘wallets’ or ‘boards’.

A pack contains up to 20 pre–set deals though, for clarity, I prefer the 12–deal pack. The 12 deals are represented by the 12 arrowed boxes in the top half of each card. In each box, there is a number (1–12), an arrow and a letter.

The number refers to one of the 12 pre–set deals that are detailed in the corresponding booklet. The arrow refers to the direction in which the particular card should be dealt. The letter (N, E, S & W) refers to the dealer, i.e. the player who will commence the bidding for each numbered deal. This is pre–determined – North will always start the bidding on deal 1, East on deal 2 and so on clockwise round the table.