Stocken Bridge Tools - Compass Cards

Why use Compass Cards

CCs have various advantages over traditional wallets or boards.

They’re simple to use, I use CCs for all my classes and teach players of all ages. They’re error–free; playing with wallets, cards can often get miss–sorted from lesson to lesson. With CCs, the cards can be checked quickly and errors eliminated. They’re light–weight. They’re easy to store: CCs are packaged in labelled tuck–boxes with different topics colour coded according to standard. You can create your own Compass Cards; I have created over 150 packs of CCs for my own use.

I’m proud of the deals I’ve created for my teaching, but, if you are a Bridge Teacher then you probably want to use your own set deals. Just send me a hard copy of your own special deals and I will turn them into a pack of CCs of your own.

They’re excellent value; a pack of CCs comes in the form of 52 labels for you to stick onto your own pack of cards. This makes them cheap and easy to send in the post. Sticking the CC labels on is straightforward and takes just a few minutes. The basic cost of one pack of CCs costs £10.