Stocken Bridge Tools - Table Tops

Table Tops

Table Tops are double–sided, laminated cards (‘cheat–sheets’) that you place in the middle of the table to help you as you bid. Once the opening bid has been made – whether it is at the 1–level, 2–level (strong) or a pre–emptive opener – place the appropriate side of the Table Top facing opener and all four players can then follow the basic guidelines. There is also a small personal Card–Play Table Top available to help you plan the hand as declarer and for the opening lead.

There are five Table Tops to choose from:

♦ 1–level Beginner
♦ 1–level Advanced
♦ 2–level (strong)
♦ 3–level & 4–level (pre–emptive)
♦ Card–Play Table Top

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